You can find the public tourism office on the Plaza de Toros, just under 40 metres walking distance from the hostel. There you will get further information.

To visit the main historic monuments and touristic sights, we recommend you to take the following route starting at the hostel. 

The alley of the Tajo is worth a visit. In this big green area you can find many animals, springs and the best examples of local botanics. Moreover you will have an impressing view on the cliffs of the Tajo. 

Further on, you can visit the Plaza de Toros, on of the eldest in all of Spain. Also it's the reason why Rhonda is known as the birthplace of bullfighting. 

If you continue towards south-east, you will reach the most iconic sight of Rhonda, the Puente Nuevo. Crossing the bridge you can see on the left side the cloister of Santo Domingo, the house of King Moro, the Arc of Felipe V and the Puente viejo and on the right side the arabic baths, the Fuente de los Ocho Caños and the church of Padre Jesús. 

From here you can resume your pathway walking through the arc of Felipe V. At this point of the route you come to a part of Ronda where there are many museums.